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  • We let content creators and global
    content buyers find each other

  • We help content consumers find
    independent creative people from
    across the globe to their specific needs.

  • Crossing the globe means
    crossing the language barriers;
    we break those barriers.

Who are you

  • Creator. Are you a journalist, photographer, videographer, illustrator, cartoonist? You create original content? You work independently, as a freelancer, a stringer, a columnist, as a retainer? Welcome and meet thousands of potential publishers and buyers for your work

  • Modifier. Are you a translator, a photo touch-up artist, a color correction expert, an animator, video editor or a special effects guy. Welcome and get assignments from across the globe to suit your work-time.

  • Consumer. Are you a publisher or an advertising or PR agency? You require content by the hour. From across the world. But in the language of your choice. Welcome and search from millions of assets. Download and consume.

What does it mean to you

  • wider reach for every individual
    content creator. It means longer life
    for his content. It means better
    valuation for his work.

  • wider choice of content for every
    publisher. It means lower cost for
    each asset of content. It means
    opportunity of syndicating content
    back to the platform.

  • new opportunity for translators,
    photo correction, special effects and
    other skilled content modifiers.

Join the revolution

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    creator, consumer
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